Every Farmers Market we attend we receive a lot of praise from our customers.  Often, it’s the kids that are the most vocal… Here’s one from a 4-year-old boy who tasted my dressing at 8:30 on a bright Saturday morning at the Mahtomedi Farmers Market...

“MOM!  It’s delicious!

Mom immediately purchased two jars commenting “any time I can get my 4-year-old to eat a salad at 8:30 in the morning it HAS to be good!  I’ll take two jars!”

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June 2019

Here’s a review of my new product from a customer,  I think it says it all about my new Suzy-Q’s ‘Sidekick’ Horsey Sauce.
Lesley from White Bear Lake had this to say…
“I smeared some of the horsey sauce on my ham sandwich
I had brought for lunch and it was fantastic!!
I also dipped my carrots and celery sticks in it….I just love it!!
“Oh, I also dipped grilled chicken in the sauce…it was so, so good!!
Thank you!”

September 22, 2018

Today was our last Farmer’s Market in the great outdoors. Now we focus on inside farmers markets at Tamarack Nature center in November, December and January of 2019.  A week ago it was almost too hot to be out there.  Today was blustery and chilly.  I believe Mother Nature is telling us to get ready for a big change in the weather!  She sure does grace us with the wonderful gift of our fall season before winter arrives.  Those few weeks of glorious weather are a big reason why we live in Minnesota.

The last two weeks were pretty slow.  We averaged sales of 3 – 4 cases per week.  That means we have some of Suzy Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing on the shelves.  If you find yourself running low, give me a jingle via this site.  I can hand-deliver it within a couple days of your request.

Also, don’t forget the fabulous idea of a gift for the friends that are having you over for a holiday meal or party, or a thank you to the wonderful teachers that work with your kiddos.  (coffee cards are way overrated)…..  Take a look at the last entry.  Cowboy Mark posted some pictures of samples, and I think they are dang cute ideas.

We will be participating at the indoor market at the Tamarack Nature Center on Saturday, November 10th, from 9:00 am to noon.  Also, be sure to stay in touch with my site, we may have some very exciting news before the end of the year! 😉

Thank you, friends, for a wonderful, memorable, fabulous time at the markets this past year.  We love you all for loving our dressing and hope you will it with others.  Now that you know my dressing is not only for salads how can you not love it?  🙂

So, get that jar of dressing out of the cupboard and marinate some pork chops, or chicken breasts.  Cook them on the grill and you will have one amazing meal!  And if you haven’t tried the Cranberry Chicken recipe yet, do it.  It is a perfect meal for these cool fall days. The recipe is posted on this blog.

See you in November.  (Cowboy Mark says, “Yahooooo!” come out to the Tamarack Nature Center on November 10th and stock up for the winter.)

September 10, 2018

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful weekend we just had!  On Saturday we were at the Mahtomedi Farmer’s Market and we saw so many folks that have been our customers since the beginning of this journey last summer.  We sold five cases of Suzy Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing at Mahtomedi and another five cases at North Oaks festival on Sunday.

After the market on Saturday, we settled down to enjoy a cup of our favorite coffee from The Ox & Crow & a piece of Mara’s fabulous quiche.  It is gluten free because she makes her crust from hash browns.  Mark loves every single kind she has made.  I always get a cinnamon twist, or one of Bruce’s famous homemade cinnamon rolls.  There’s nothing better than a cup of coffee and a treat from The Ox & Crow while enjoying the market and the gorgeous weather.

On Sunday we were privileged to be a part of the North Oaks Farm Fest at the James J. Hill Farmstead.  What a great time!  The weather was perfect, the bluegrass music incredible, the brats and beer yummy, and watching all of the folks having a great time.  Lots of kiddos were having fun “milking” the cow, making butter, and getting pony rides.

We had a few folks stop by to say hi, and to buy some more dressing, that have been at the White Bear Lake Farmer’s Market.  As one couple was walking by and saw us, they got so excited when they saw their “salad dressing people”.  They said they had looked for us at Mahtomedi and White Bear Lake markets, but always missed the weekend we weren’t there.

John said that he is hooked on my dressing.  He said besides the taste, he loves the way it is bottled.  His favorite way to use it is to dip a chunk of tomato right in the jar, and he can do that because we have the wide tops on our pint jars.  He said he also likes to cut open a cherry tomato and drizzle some dressing in that little pocket he made.  They bought 2 extra jars to take to Florida for the winter because wanted to make sure they didn’t run out!

We ended up hugging good-bye and promising to be at the markets next year for them when they return from Florida.  I don’t know who was more excited about that conversation, me or them. J

We met a mom and her son that said they are vegetarians and their favorite way to use my dressing is to mix some in with their mac & cheese, and to dip their French fries.  Mom said they eat a lot of black bean burgers which can be pretty bland, but she discovered that if she puts a little of our western dressing on it, it becomes a mighty tasty burger.

It’s hard to believe that our summer is coming to an end.  We have only 2 more Saturday’s at Mahtomedi and the market is finished for this year.  We have some beginning plans to attend a holiday indoor market in November.  I will post the date when I get more information, so please check this site often.

I have some really cute sample bags decorated.  I went to the dollar store and bought a package of Thanksgiving napkins, a couple of cute ornaments and some fall colored ribbons.  I used the napkins in place of tissue.  I did the same thing for the Christmas decorated bags.  They turned out pretty dang cute.   Being a person that works for the school and Cowboy Mark being a school bus driver, we can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift for your kid’s teachers and their bus driver.  Coffee cards are nice, but I think a jar of Suzy Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing is so unique and useful.  You can drop one of our business cards in the bag and they can look at this site for recipes and ideas to use my dressing.

And another great idea is for a hostess gift for all of those holiday parties you will be attending.  There’s nothing cuter than an ornament tied to the bag with a jar of Suzy-Q’s Dang Good Dressing inside.  It sure beats giving a $20 bottle of wine and is so thoughtful!!  I have a hunch it will be the most unique and useful gift they receive.  Also don’t forget your co-workers.  To make it even more special, how about a gift card to a grocery store to buy the makings for a fabulous salad?  I just made your Christmas list so much shorter, and easier, and less expensive, how about that!

We sure hope to see you all before this season comes to an end.  We are making a large amount of dressing, but just in case you want more to give as gifts or to keep on hand for the winter months, you can contact me through this site and make a request.  For any order that is 6 jars or more, we will deliver it to you free of charge. And…

One last BIG announcement is that we can now take a credit card payment!


A customer recently shared her tried-and-true favorite old-time recipe with me using my Western Dressing.  She said that whenever there is a get-together at her home, everyone asks her to bring “her” baked chicken dish. It’s called Cranberry Chicken.  

Here’s the recipe for you to enjoy.  Cowboy Mark and I just loved it last weekend.

Mix together:
1 cup Suzy-Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing
1 package of onion soup mix
1 can of whole cranberry sauce. 

Pour the mixture over chicken breasts in a 9X13 glass pan and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 8 hours.  Remove the plastic wrap, cover loosely with foil and bake in a 350 degree oven for 1 – 1.25 hours, or until hot and bubbly.  Serve over rice.

I would like to share a fabulous idea with you.  I know you probably don’t want to think about this, but the holidays are right around the corner.  Yup, and I can’t think of a sweeter gift than a jar of my Suzy-Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing.  Just get yourself some of those cute paper bags with the handles that they sell at the Dollar Store (three for a dollar!).  Wrap the dressing in some tissue, put it in the bag and tie it with some raffia ribbon or good old fashioned twine.

It’s a gift that’s homemade and made locally, a wonderfully cute idea and it’s something that everyone can use… and they won’t get more than one!  It’s unique!  Go one step further and tie a cute ornament on the outside of the bag.

How about a pumpkin or turkey for a Thanksgiving hostess gift or a Christmas ornament for all of those hostess gifts you should bring to the parties and dinners you will be attending from November through December.  And then there’s the gifts you need to buy for the teachers and day care providers and school bus drivers.  (Cowboy Mark really likes THAT idea – he drives school bus for White Bear Lake Schools.)

And if you are a gift card giver, just drop one in the bag with thank you card and a jar of my Dang Good Western Dressing.  I can’t imagine anyone that would not love to get that gift!!  Yahoo!!!

Well, Cowboy Mark and I hope to see all of you at the White Bear Lake or Mahtomedi markets this next weekend!  Come see us before or after you visit the MN State Fair.

July 26 & 27th

Hi Friends!  I sure hope you are able to be outside this weekend and soak up some of this glorious weather!  On Friday someone told me that this is the reason we live in Minnesota, for the weather like this each year….all 3 days of it!!   🙂

Well, we had a change of plans this past weekend.  We were at the White Bear Famer’s Market on Friday, and from the number of folks there, I think they are all back from their vacations!  We only had 10 cases made for this weekend.  We only had THREE left at the end of Friday’s market!  We did plan on selling those at Mahtomedi on Saturday, but you know how stuff gets in the way.  We had a wedding rehearsal dinner on Friday evening that lasted until 11:00 pm…boy, we were bushed.  We made the decision to treat ourselves to sleeping later than 5:00 a.m. than being at Mahtomedi farmers market this week.  While running errands today, we just had to stop and see all of our friends at Mahtomedi.

Here’s the idea of the week for using Suzy Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing; next time you make a BLT, use my dressing instead of mayo.  Elizabeth said she can’t get enough of that sandwich now.  As a matter of fact, she just bought another jar, I think that makes 3!  My idea would be maybe to add some to the mayo to give it a big boost in flavor and lots of zip to that “sammy.”  With the plethora of gorgeous lettuces and tomatoes in season now, it just doesn’t get any better than that…right?!

We had a lot of little munchkins get off a school bus to take their field trip at the Farmer’s Market on Friday.  They were very impressed at all of the beautiful fresh veggies and flowers being sold.  Cowboy Mark showed them how a “real” cowboy taste-tests our dressing by squirting some on a finger and licking it off.  Everyone wanted to try it and every single one of them loved it.  We gave them a business card and told them to tell their parents to come on down and get a jar.  So now, we are figuring just in case they REALLY do that, we had better make a couple of extra cases!

Last week a customer bought a jar. This week she came to our tent early on and told us that her husband, who is a chef, said my dressing is “restaurant quality” and he loved it.  Wow, gave me goose bumps hearing that.

We sure meet a lot of great folks.  The markets are just a happy place to be.  Come on over and see for yourself, and be sure to stop by and get yourself a free sample of Suzy Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing.  I know you will be buying some and sending me a great new idea of how you used it.

Have a fabulous week!!

P.S.  A BIG change in our schedule.  We will now be at the Lake Elmo Farmer’s Market every other Saturday, alternating with the Mahtomedi Market.  We will be at Lake Elmo NEXT Saturday, August 4th, and then at Mahtomedi on the 11th.

July 15 – 23, 2018

Well as you can see I never got around to writing last week….dang it.

We had 2 pretty slow weeks at both of the Farmer’s Markets.  The last 2 Fridays were rainy, so the attendance was less than it has been in the past.  Mahtomedi had a very low attendance also.  We can only attribute that one to summer vacations.  Last Saturday’s weather was glorious.  When we went for a walk downtown we noticed a huge amount of boats and pontoons on the water.  After the weather we have had so far this summer we are pretty sure anyone living in this area was enjoying the water, and the sunshine, and the near perfect temps!  Can’t blame them one little bit.

Last week I had 3 separate buyers tell me that they were using my dressing in their potato salad!  Each one said that they add some to the mayo.  One lady told me that for years folks have been asking her how she makes it so dang good…what’s her secret ingredient.  She said she just looks at them and says, “If I told you it wouldn’t be my secret anymore!”  I personally have never tried this but plan doing so when I make my next batch of potato salad.  Another customer told me he adds Western dressing to his coleslaw.

My favorite so far has been an older gentleman that said he made a salad with Suzy Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing and fried up some walleye he had caught.  “By accident” some of the dressing got on the fish.  He said it was so fantastic that he threw away his tartar sauce and will never use anything but my dressing with his fried fish.  Yum!!  How about going one step further and using it on fish tacos?  Oh boy, I am getting so hungry!

So, back to the attendance the last couple of weeks.  Each time we got back home and unloaded the car we realized that we had sold a lot more than it had seemed while at the markets.  It made our hearts happy to know that folks still love my dressing and are using it!

Things are heating up at the Suzy-Q household.  We are canning 120 jars each week now.  We love making it, we love meeting all of the wonderful folks, and we are loving our summer.  We are having fun!!

We plan on being at the White Bear Farmers Market on Friday and at the Mahtomedi market on Saturday.  Each one is from 8:00 – noon.  Please stop by and see us soon.  We would love to see your smiling faces.

July 6th & 7th

This was our second week of a two day weekend working at the Farmer’s Market in White Bear Lake on Friday and Mahtomedi on Saturday.

I am going to be posting new ideas on using my Western Dressing as the customers share them, so please write in and give me your creative ways you have used it.   I would love to hear from you and share them with my other readers on this site.

While at the market on Friday in downtown White Bear Lake a new customer told me that she always dunks her pizza rolls in Western Dressing!  That’s one that I have never heard or tried, but plan to do so soon!  I love pizza rolls and usually convince myself that I shouldn’t buy them.  Now I HAVE to buy some so that I can test out her suggestion! J

Another idea came from a mom buying some at the Mahtomedi market.  She said her kids love to dunk their chicken nuggets into my dressing.  Yum!!  I guess I will be picking up some nuggets too!

One of our favorite ways to enjoy my dressing is with a rib eye steak.  I make a yummy salad with all of the beautiful fresh veggies being offered at the farmer’s market and of course Suzy-Q’s Dang Good Western Dressing, add a gorgeous grilled steak (skip the steak sauce) to the meal and oh my goodness…the two together make beautiful music.  If you want to add a chunk of fresh bread to mop up the juices, it just gets better and better.  By the way, Bryce at Companion Breads (he’s at the Mahtomedi farmers market) makes an incredible ciabatta that is perfect to take care of the mopping.

Before I close I have to share this story.   At the Mahtomedi market on Saturday two young boys rode up on their bikes and asked what I was selling.  I told them it was salad dressing asked if they wanted to taste a sample.  After tasting it the first one said, “This is incredible!” and the second one said, “I love this, it is amazing!”  Then they told me they were going to go home and get some money from their moms.  Sure enough, 15 minutes later they came back with money in their hands, asked for another sample, and then rode off with their safely wrapped jars of dressing.  I asked one boy what his mom said when he asked for the money.  He said, ”she asked what I wanted to buy and I told her that there was this amazing salad dressing that I can use on a salad, AND he dunk my chicken nuggets in it too.”  And her response was, “well if this dressing will get you to eat a salad I will gladly give you the money!”   Now, how dang cute is that!?

“Cowboy” Mark, my adorable sidekick,  and I want to thank you all for loving my dressing as much as we do, and for stopping to say hi.  It does my heart good to see so many repeat customers!